Darf man ein Duschgel als Badezusatz und umgekehrt einsetzen?

Can you use a shower gel as a bath additive and vice versa?

What is the difference between a shower gel and a bath additive ?

Who hasn't experienced it yet - you're standing in the shower and just as you're about to soap yourself up, the shower gel is empty. Only the bath additive is available at the edge of the bathtub. Then you just have to use it, after all, using it in bath water is no reason to worry. This applies the other way around too. No bath additive ready? – Then the shower gel has to be used for the bathroom. Many of us are familiar with one or both scenarios. It is not uncommon for the care product that is still available to be used. Both foam and you get nice and clean. The question that now arises is, what is the difference between shower gel and bath additives?

What exactly is a bath additive ?

Let’s first look at the bath additive. It should be said that this is a care product that is used for a beautiful bathroom. But the bath additives also differ significantly from one another. These have been available for some time in drugstores, supermarkets and online shops like ours. There are bath additives for a wide variety of occasions and effects. Depending on your wishes, they pamper the senses and the body or they have a nourishing effect. It is not uncommon for you to have both effects at the same time. They serve health and well-being. With the right bath additive you can support wound healing , promote blood circulation and generally reduce stress. The essential oils are responsible for this. Bubble baths, on the other hand, can be a real treat in the cold season. These and herbal baths can help quickly cure a cold .

How exactly do bath additives care and what versions are they available in?

Bath additives can be found in a wide variety of dosage forms. They are available to buy in the form of pressed tablets or as classic granules. As mentioned, essential oils, all kinds of medicinal herbs and plants as well as salts are often used as ingredients. But grapes, milk and honey are also often used as bath additives.

The bath pearls are particularly popular and well-known. These are filled with the beneficial ingredients in a rubber sleeve. Added to warm water, they dissolve and the bath can begin. Inside the bath pearls you can often find cocoa butter, olive oil, milk proteins, shea butter and many other herbs. Although these do not foam, the nourishing effect is absorbed into the water and thus provided to the body. When you take a bath in the bathtub at home, the effect can fully unfold and be absorbed into the skin.

What is the purpose of the shower gel and how does it care?

Strictly speaking, shower gel is nothing other than soap. However, compared to most soaps, the shower gel is available in liquid form. However, the liquid soap for the whole body does much more than simply wash away dirt. A shower gel usually has various fragrances that are intended to increase well-being. Roses, strawberries, honey, almonds, lemongrass, olives, pineapple, chocolate or papayas are often used. In addition to the fragrances, the shower gel also contains a variety of care ingredients. These can either invigorate and refresh the skin, stimulate circulation, or provide important minerals, vitamins or salt for the skin. In addition to skin care, a fresh feeling is conveyed. The skin remains soft and the oils it contains ensure youthful elasticity.

Shower gel and bath additives differ in concentration

So can a bath additive be used as a shower gel or a shower gel as a bath additive?

The shower gel itself consists largely of water. This contains various surfactants as well as glycerin, fragrances and care ingredients and alcohol. This means that the shower gel is ready to use immediately after purchase. The bath additive, on the other hand, often has the same or similar ingredients, but is available in a significantly higher concentration because it usually does not contain water. The care ingredients and essential oils in a bath additive can react quite aggressively to the skin when showering. The bath additives are only diluted when added to the bath water and can therefore develop their full effect. If this step is not done, the skin will be very dried out by a bath additive.

Therefore, bath additives should not be used for showering. However, it is not a problem to use a shower gel as a bath additive. The disadvantage, however, is that the desired effect only occurs when a large amount of shower gel is added to the water. But sooner or later this will probably cost a lot of money. From a health perspective, this application option does not have any other disadvantages. Nevertheless, for health reasons and from a financial perspective, we recommend that you use a bath additive for bathing and a shower gel for showering. You can now find the right care products in our online shop – take a browse

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