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Hemorrhoids – sitz baths to help with symptoms

Hemorrhoids are a common disease

Burning skin and itchy anus, these are the unpleasant symptoms of a very common disease, hemorrhoids. After all, around 50% of adults over 30 are affected by it.

How do you get hemorrhoids?

  • genetic predisposition:
    People with hemorrhoids often have a congenital weakness of the walls of blood vessels. This could also be a reason why hemorrhoids occur more often with age, because the elasticity of the vessel walls decreases with age.

  • a predominantly sedentary work and lifestyle:
    Too little exercise not only makes the intestines sluggish, it can also lead to blood congestion below the hips. This in turn can promote the development of hemorrhoids.

  • Chronic intestinal problems such as constipation:
    Constipation usually occurs due to a diet that is too low in fiber , too little fluid and a lack of exercise. Since the small amounts of stool do not fill the rectum sufficiently and the intestinal wall is not stretched enough, when the stool is emptied (because there is too little stool), the pressure is too long or too strong and the pressure on the blood vessels is therefore too strong.

  • Overweight:
    The excessive weight can press on the rectum and thus hinder blood circulation, which in turn can promote the expansion of the vascular pads in the anal area.

  • Pregnancy:
    Similar to obesity, pregnancy can also cause the vascular pads in the anal area to expand due to weight gain. Or when the child presses on the intestinal area. In addition, during pregnancy the connective tissue loosens due to the hormonal changes in order to make space for the child and prepare the body for the birth process. Finally, a sphincter that is too tight can also cause hemorrhoids

How can you relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

There are some tips to relieve the discomfort caused by enlarged hemorrhoids, above all avoiding constipation, then using various ointments and sitz baths. However, it should be mentioned that severely enlarged hemorrhoids usually do not go away on their own. A consultation with the doctor is recommended.


Which home remedies help with hemorrhoids?

1. High Fiber Diet:

A diet rich in fiber is very important to support intestinal function and avoid constipation . Eat whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. For example, sauerkraut and soaked dried fruits (such as prunes) have a laxative effect. An additional hemorrhoid home remedy with lots of fiber is wheat bran, linseed or psyllium. You can, for example, add this to yoghurt or food in general, but make sure you drink enough fluids. Because the fiber swells with the liquid. In general, you should pay attention to drinking plenty of fluids, especially if you are constipated. 1.5 to 2 liters per day are recommended, preferably in the form of water or tea.

Also avoid foods that irritate the mucous membrane. This includes coffee and spicy foods .

2. Sitz baths:

Clear water is used for sitz baths. However, additives such as chamomile, witch hazel, arnica, oak bark or tea tree oil can also be added to the water to support the healing process. These additives are available in pharmacies or drugstores without a prescription. Oak bark in particular is known for the fact that the tannins have a contracting effect on the skin, which in turn helps with swelling in the anal area but also in small children and with irritation of the skin in the diaper area.

It is better to avoid using soap or bath lotion in the bath water, as this could only irritate the sensitive skin of the anus even more.

3. Ointments:

Ointments and pastes with zinc, panthenol or herbal active ingredients such as witch hazel or aloe vera are often recommended for complaints in the anal area. You can also find these in pharmacies and drugstores.

Doctors often prescribe ointments that provide local anesthesia, such as ointments containing the active ingredient lidocaine. In general, ointments and creams containing cortisone and anesthetics should only be used for a limited period of time. The aim is to relieve acute symptoms such as skin irritation and itching in the short term, but these cannot bring about lasting improvement.

Finally, it should be mentioned that it is best for those affected to consult a doctor as early as possible. Although hemorrhoids are unpleasant, they are harmless if treated early. However, if ignored, it can lead to surgery.