Badewanne mit Wasser

How much does swimming actually cost?

A question that is often asked is how much does a full bath actually cost? This depends on the bathtub and its filling level. The type of heating and the location also influence costs. In this article we want to take a closer look at this question and create a rough guideline.

The cost of water for a full bath

Anyone who likes to take a bath, whether to support their health or just to relax , will have asked themselves this question at some point. How much does such a full bath with foam cost? As already mentioned, this depends on the size of the tub, the filling level and the heating option. But the location also plays a role. A cubic meter in Germany costs on average around 2 euros. The pure water costs therefore amount to between 0.80 and 1.50 euros, depending on the size. The same price can be added to wastewater costs on top. Basically, you can calculate around 4 euros in costs for 1,000 liters used.

For comparison: For a shower , around ⅓ to ¼ of the amount of water for a bath flows through the bathroom.

The cost of heating the water

Depending on your well-being, the water temperature for a full bath varies. However, this is usually between 35 and 38°C. When heating with gas, around 50 KWh/m³ will be necessary. The same process with electricity requires around 35 KWh/m³. This means that gas costs around 40 cents and electricity, as it is slightly more expensive, costs around 85 cents. However, if the boiler is ineffective, this price can increase.

Summary: This is what a full bath costs

If you heat your water with gas, you will pay around 90 cents for a tub. With electricity, however, the full bath costs around 1.30 euros. Added to this price are the costs for the bath additive . Depending on the dosage, brand and production, this price also varies greatly. Depending on the purchase price and frequency of use, you can then add this price yourself and you have all the costs together.

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