Wie wirkt Salzwasser auf die menschliche Haut?

How does salt water affect human skin?

That's why a salt water bath is so good for the skin!

Most people probably know the salt water from their vacation. On a beautiful day of swimming at the beach, when the hot sand tickles our feet and the wind blows our hair, we jump into the cool water to refresh ourselves. This is refreshing, fun and good for the body and soul. But how exactly does salt water affect our skin? This is exactly the question we will get to the bottom of in this article.

The salt water cleanses and disinfects our skin

As everyone knows, the skin is the largest organ we have. Thanks to her, we are protected from external influences. But it also has a significant influence on our body temperature. There are lots of nerve cells under the skin that enable us to sense our surroundings, i.e. to perceive them through the sense of touch.

When we put ourselves in salty water, either in the form of a swim at the sea or in the bathtub at home, our skin reacts to this environment. Rather, the salt water affects them, because the salt content softens the skin and thus cleanses it. Dead skin cells are removed and the entire skin surface is disinfected. This is particularly helpful for skin blemishes such as acne. But salt water has many other great effects on our bodies.

Because salt water can work wonders when it comes into contact with our skin. Wound healing is also stimulated when we spend time in salty water. But with larger abrasions it can burn quite a bit. Anyone who is on a beach with such an injury should make sure that no sand gets into these wonders afterwards. However, there is no need to pay attention to this when taking a salt bath in the bathtub at home.

The salt water and the different skin types

As we now know, the salt water penetrates deep into the pores of the skin and thus cleanses them. This is without a doubt a very beautiful effect. But many people now ask themselves how salt water reacts to oily skin? – It should be said that salt water can develop its full power on this type of skin. In such a case it can penetrate into the deeper layers and ensure cleanliness there. The result: The fat is completely washed out, the skin is disinfected and the complexion improves. It now seems much clearer and more youthful.

After a salt bath in the bathtub at home, we recommend a quick rinse with fresh water. Once this has happened, a nourishing cream can also be applied. This makes skin care perfect in combination with salt water.

What effect does salt water have on dry skin?

Anyone who goes into salt water with dry skin might want to know what effect they can expect. As everyone knows, salt attracts water. Salt water also makes the top layer of skin drier. Nevertheless, we now also know that the salt water also penetrates into the deeper layers. The supply of minerals increases there, which is very important for our skin. Taking a salt bath despite dry skin is no problem. Nevertheless, the skin should be cared for with a lotion after the bath.

Are sensitive skin and salt water compatible?

Well, salt water has some great effects on our skin. It can also be a good treatment method for skin diseases such as acne or psoriasis. However, if you have very sensitive skin, you should approach the matter with caution. For some people, the salt disrupts the balance of the skin, which can lead to redness and irritation.

But if you have no problems with sensitive skin, you will only experience positive effects with salt water. Cleaning, disinfection, supply of important minerals and all in all a beautiful complexion are the arguments here. Salt water also softens the skin and rubs away dead skin cells.

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