The family legacy

In 1927 Josef Heller founded the company HELFE in Feldkirch. He composed the name from HEL-ler FE-ldkirch.

Over 90 years later, we as a company can look back with pride on our history and the still existing family tradition of the Heller family in Feldkirch.
There are three pillars on which our company is based:


Excursion into history

HELFE 1927 – Mag. Josef Heller in Apotheke


Foundation stone

In 1927, Josef Heller laid the foundations for the HELFE success story by establishing a laboratory for his Herz-Jesu pharmacy in Feldkirch. He formed the name of the new laboratory by combining "HEL-ler" and "FE-ldkirch", thus creating a trademark that has been protected since the 1930s.

HELFE 1928 – Mitizyn Creme Werbung


HELFE Mititzyn Cream

In 1928 the HELFE Mitizyn cream was introduced. Because of its versatility, the all-purpose cream is still a tradition in many households today and is the ideal companion for every trip.

HELFE 1934 – Portrait Dr. Sedlitzky


Takeover of the Sedlitzky company

In 1934, Sedlitzky & Co, one of the largest bath additive companies at the time, was taken over. Their specialties included carbon dioxide baths, which HELFE continued to produce and improve.

HELFE 1950 – Portrait Dr. Rüdiger Heller


The second generation

In 1950 Dr. Rüdiger Heller, the second generation of the family, takes over the management of the company. Under his leadership, the production of high-quality plant extracts such as hay flower extract began.

HELFE 1984 – Portrait Mag. Wolfgang Heller


New focus

In 1984, the third generation of the family, Mag. Wolfgang Heller, joined the company. His focus was on expanding HELFE economically and further improving existing products through technical innovations. In addition, he incorporated his strong environmental awareness into the company mission statement.

HELFE 1987 – Die blaue Linie Sujet


The blue line

In 1987 the switch to HELFE's “blue line” took place. To this day, all the bottles of bath products are still in the same cobalt blue. At that time, Austria even developed its own deposit system for glass bottles.

HELFE 1999 – Patent Zertifikat



From 1990 to 1999, HELFE focused more on the development of a plant-based anti-inflammatory substance, for which a European patent was granted in 1999.

HELFE 2000 – neues HELFE Gebäude


New company building

Due to the increasing demand for HELFE products, the company moved to a new, modern company building with 1000m2 of production space in 2000. In order to meet personal sustainability standards, it was equipped with a solar system, a rainwater collection system to cool the machines, earth cooling and LED lighting

HELFE 2016 – Portrait Alexander Heller


A new generation

With Alexander Heller, the fourth generation has joined the family business. His focus is on new marketing strategies and intelligent product innovations. Environmental awareness and sustainability are an important topic that should continue to be continually developed further in the area of ​​product development in the future. New products, in addition to traditional bath products, are in development.

HELFE 2017 – alt/neu Etikettvergleich



In addition to the new brand identity and the changed label design, the recipes for all products have been revised in order to provide them with even more natural ingredients. Mild surfactants, such as cocosides, ensure that the skin is cleansed and cared for when washing and bathing.

HELFE 2019 – Alexander und Amann


Takeover company

In 2019, the family business HELFE was taken over by Alexander Heller. At this time, the first shower gel based on existing plant extracts was brought onto the market.

New contacts are made, such as with Mr. Werner Amann, a beautician from Hohenems. Because of his trust in the HELFE company, Alexander Heller handed over the recipe for his well-known lip care.

HELFE 2020 – neue Webseite


Further development of the homepage

In collaboration with an external agency from Vorarlberg, the homepage was completely redesigned and redesigned. The goal of ensuring a better overview of the diverse product range and making the information about the products and the HELFE company more transparent was implemented excellently.