Heublumen in der Hand

Moves your nature.

Your nature is the focus for HELFE. With our products we try to influence nature in your body and around you sustainably and positively in the long term.

Heublumen in Produktion

Natural cycle.

Our plant waste that remains after extraction is sent for composting. We use the resulting soil, among other things, for our show herb garden.

Bauer mit Sense auf Haublumenwiese

Regional cohesion

Our mission is to work closely with regional suppliers to safeguard nature, biodiversity and our raw materials.

Vorarlberg's poor meadows offer a lot of potential for sustainable greening measures in our settlements, but also for our well-being and health. We want to help preserve the valuable meadow habitats in our region

Altkartons auf einem Haufen

Old becomes new!

We want to reuse things that are usable. The majority of the orders that leave our premises are packed in used boxes from other companies. We pick these up ourselves in the area or have them delivered.

The boxes that are no longer suitable for shipping are shredded and used as sustainable packaging material.