HELFE Original Hintergrund


Traditional and regional products, which have been used for generations and tell a story, form the basis of the ORIGINAL line of HELFE.In 1927, the HELFE Mitizyn Creme was developed as "cream for all(s)" and has been available almost unchanged since then. Known from grandmother's times, this is still a fixed component in many households in the home and travel pharmacy.

HELFE lip balm, with the recipe of the druggist Mr. Amann Werner, was developed in the 70s. Already in the 80s, it was specifically requested and used for a Himalayan expedition to Manaslu because of its particularly caring properties.

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HELFE Active Hintergrund


The products of the ACTIVE line have a stimulating effect on circulation, promote blood flow to the skin, and thus the regeneration of muscles and joints.

Especially for active athletes, but also for people with back pain, for example, during pregnancy or muscular problems, the products are perfect. Even as a non-sportsman, they are a refreshing experience for bath & shower.

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HELFE Essential Hintergrund


The ESSENTIAL line impresses with a variety of high-quality natural and essential oils. The special scents increase well-being, provide relaxation, and are a benefit for the body and mind.

Bath additives such as Abietin and Alpine Herbs, reminiscent of a walk in the forest and on the mountain meadow. Experience the variety of natural fragrances from HELFE!

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HELFE Med Hintergrund


The MED line is based on high-quality Mediterranean plants such as chamomile, oak bark, and mallow (cheese poplar). These are proven herbal home remedies and have been used for decades to support physical well-being. Versatile application areas result in the added value.

The extracts can be used both locally as a tincture, as a bath, or as a sitz bath for a skin-soothing effect or to soothe irritated, sensitive skin.

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HELFE Pure Hintergrund


The products of the PURE line have a cleansing and purifying effect on the skin and body. Due to our lifestyle, diet, and stress, our body is often overacidified. Purifying and detoxifying products such as alkaline baths help the body to regain its balance.

HELFE Horsetail Extract, with its high content of silicic acid, stimulates the metabolism of the skin and ensures that waste products are removed. These are expelled through the skin, our largest excretory organ.

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HELFE Care Hintergrund


The skin-care and moisturizing products of the CARE line are especially recommended for dry and irritated skin. The HELFE Oil Baths make the skin supple and provide a pleasant and soft skin feeling due to the refatting ingredients.

The Oat Straw Extract contained in the shower gel and baths also has a natural refatting & soothing effect on the skin and is especially recommended for sensitive skin types or babies and toddlers.

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HELFE Relief Hintergrund


The RELIEF line helps the body to breathe freely. Especially during the autumn and winter months, they have a pleasant effect on the respiratory tract, warm the body, and have a positive effect on your circulation.

This combination helps the body in a natural way to revitalize and well-being. You can use the products as a bath or also for inhalation.

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