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Bathing tips for dry and sensitive skin

Bathing tips for dry and sensitive skin

Our skin is the largest organ we have. So it's no wonder that it requires special care. Getting and maintaining soft, strong, and healthy skin is not difficult. Especially, when you have access to a bathtub. 

Who suffers from dry and sensitive skin?

There are lots of causes for dry skin. Depending on the season, age, and lifestyle, dry and itchy skin can be a companion. While the heating air can be the cause of dry skin in winter, the air conditioning is often the culprit in summer. In general, rooms with low humidity can cause the skin to dry out. In addition to these external circumstances, other reasons can be responsible for poor skin condition.

As we age, the skin is not uncommon to dry out. This is due to restricted fat production of the sebaceous glands, which no longer function as reliably as we get older. This disrupts the skin's moisture balance enormously, resulting in dry skin. Also, being severely underweight often results in dry skin. However, hereditary predisposition can also cause this problem. Diet has a massive impact on the condition of the skin. An unbalanced and unhealthy diet can be the cause, as can the use of incorrect soaps, lotions, bath products, perfumes, and shower gels. 

The following always applies: the more natural ingredients there are, the better it is for your skin.

Extra tip: Dry skin can be treated with a full bath for a maximum of 20 minutes. A water temperature of 38°C should not be exceeded. Extensive and hot bathing can also cause dry skin.

Natural ingredients for soft and healthy skin

Ingredients like:

  • Honey
  • Dead sea Salt
  • Aloe vera
  • Papaya
  • Milk
  • Orange oil
  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Baby oil
  • Lemon juice

help to fight dry skin. 

Natural bath supplements against dry skin

When choosing a bath supplement to combat dry skin, each natural ingredient plays a specific role. While honey, milk, and Dead Sea salt soften the skin, promote blood circulation, and provide moisture, lemon juice cleanses the skin from the inside out. Any oils, even baby oil, have a moisturizing effect on dry skin. The right bath supplement also provides vitamins and minerals. This helps with the itching and dandruff. In summary, a bath supplement against dry skin ensures the following results:

  • A soft, gentle, and healthy skin
  • Relief from itching and flaking
  • A moisturizing effect
  • Better blood circulation
  • For a sufficient supply of minerals, vitamins, and moisture
  • A basic cleaning from the inside out
  • A clean and healthy skin

As we already know, the correct water temperature and bathing time are crucial in the fight against dry skin. Therefore, the water should not be warmer than 38°C and should not enjoyed longer than 20 minutes. Please check the product label for further instructions on the application.

For long-term soft, gentle, healthy, and firm skin, bathing should become a regular ritual. If this is repeated regularly, dry skin will be a thing of the past. After the bath, the skin should not be rubbed dry. Rather the skin should be dabbed carefully. A soft cotton towel is particularly helpful. A nourishing lotion can also be good for the skin after a bath.

Anyone who wants to do something good for themselves and their skin, especially if dryness is a concern, now knows that natural ingredients, the right bath additive, and the correct aftercare are essential. We take care to ensure that you always find the right bath additives! That's why in the appendix of this article you will also find a few skin care products that can help you with your next bath!
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