Illustrierte Heublumen in weiß


Hay flowers photo
Sweet grass flowers for pain-free joints and muscles!
These are flowers and fruits of various grasses, obtained by sieving hay on farms, as a by-product of hay production.



The ingredients mainly include flavonoids, tannins, essential oils and coumarins, which are responsible for the typical “hay smell”. The flowers have an irritating effect on the skin and therefore Promotes blood circulation.



Areas of application are purely external for local heat treatment in rheumatic diseases, after excessive stress to loosen the muscles and improve blood circulation. This makes it ideal for regeneration after sport. Many midwives recommend starting from the age of 38, especially during pregnancy. Week of hay flower baths. These support the loosening of the muscles and promote the relaxation of the pelvic floor in preparation for the upcoming birth.



Hay flower extracts are particularly effective as both partial and full baths, as the minimum coumarin content is 5 %. In addition, treatments with so-called “hay flower bags” also have a certain importance. However, these have the risk of an allergic reaction in the form of hay fever. The bathing temperature should not be higher than 38 °C and the bathing time should not exceed 15 minutes. To achieve the full effect, you should rest for at least 20 minutes after a full bath with hay flower extract.



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