Illustrierter Lavendel in weiß


Lavender photo

Blossoms of relaxation!

The homeland of lavender is the western Mediterranean region, especially southern France. The blue-violet flowers are stripped and dried shortly before they bloom.



1–3 % essential oils with a characteristic smell and slightly bitter taste, along with tannins, are mainly responsible for the medicinal use of lavender flowers.



Internally, lavender oil has an antispasmodic effect on irritable stomach and nervous intestinal problems. It has a calming effect on nervousness and motor hyperactivity. The time it takes to fall asleep is shortened and the duration of sleep is extended.



  • as a single tea or in mixtures with other plants in stomach soothing, nerve and sleeping teas.
  • in the form of drops, globules or other solid medicinal preparations for nervousness and difficulty falling asleep.
  • as a full bath to improve blood circulation, for regeneration, invigoration and refreshment in states of exhaustion.



Not known when dosed and used as intended. Like all essential oils, it should not be used undiluted on the face of infants and small children. In the case of feverish infectious diseases, high blood pressure and heart failure, full baths should only be carried out after consulting a doctor.



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