Illustrierter Eukalyptus in weiß


Eucalyptus photo

The little miracle for colds!

The eucalyptus species native to Australia are now planted worldwide in Mediterranean and subtropical climates . The fast-growing trees are popular for reforesting karst areas, but they are “energy robbers” for the soil.


Only eucalyptus oil obtained from the leaves by steam distillation is used therapeutically. Cineole is the main active ingredient at 60–85 %.



The high content of essential oils has an expectorant effect on nasal congestion, frontal sinus diseases and bronchial coughs. Eucalyptus oil clears the respiratory tract and can be used for all forms of colds. Externally it has an irritating effect on the skin and promotes blood circulation, as an additional therapy for rheumatic complaints and tension.



Internally in various dosage forms to support the treatment of colds and as an expectorant component in various cough preparations. For steam inhalation, a few drops of eucalyptus oil are diluted with hot water or dripped directly onto the pillow or a tissue. When used as a full bath, the expectorant and clearing effect on the respiratory tract is enhanced by intensive inhalation. The circulation-promoting effect relaxes the body and the muscles are loosened. After the bath, make sure you have a sufficient rest period, ideally covered well.



Ingestion and application on the skin only in diluted form. Do not use on babies and toddlers. Respiratory depression can occur here. Be sure to adhere to the prescribed dosage for inhalations and full baths. In the case of feverish illnesses, major skin injuries, heart failure and high blood pressure, full baths should only be taken after consulting the attending physician. Not suitable for children under 3 years.


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