Illustrierter Fichtenzweig in weiß


Spruce photo

For colds and sore muscles!

The medicinal active ingredients of pine and pine trees are found in their fresh shoots and in the essential oil that is obtained from fresh needles, twig tips and branches by steam distillation. The spruce needle extract, brown-black and smelling strongly of resin, is obtained from the distillation residues by extraction with water.



The essential oils, bornyl acetate, borneol, pinene, camphene, have an expectorant effect and inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. They have an expectorant effect in inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. The skin-irritating and blood circulation-stimulating effect leads to relaxation of the muscles and has been proven to be beneficial for rheumatic complaints and mild nerve pain.



Purely externally in various ointments and rubs to support the treatment of rheumatic complaints and nerve pain. As a dilution for inhalation for colds, colds and coughs. A full bath is recommended for intensive treatment of these complaints. The effect is enhanced by the combination of spruce needle extract and essential oils.



Not suitable for children under 3 years. It can cause convulsions and respiratory depression. Observe exact dosage instructions and method of application. Full baths should only be taken in the case of feverish illnesses, major skin injuries, heart failure and high blood pressure after consultation with the treating doctor.



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