Darf man bei Gewitter baden?

Can you swim during a thunderstorm?

Answers to popular questions about the bathtub

There are a lot of questions floating around about bathing, showering, shower gels and bath additives. We would now like to address and answer all of these questions about bathtubs. We hope your question is also included in our article. We hope you have fun!

#1: Can you actually swim during a thunderstorm?

Of course, you can also take a bath during a thunderstorm. However, for safety reasons, your house or the building in which your apartment is located should be grounded. This is mandatory for a new building. It is not uncommon for old houses from the 70s to not be grounded. In summary: If you live in a new building, no problem. If you live in an old building, there is definitely a risk.

#2: Can you also use the shower gel as a bath additive?

All bath additives, be it a bubble bath or a shower gel, are basically very similar. Of course, a real bathtub bath additive is a lot better, but if nothing else is at hand, you can also use a shower gel. However, there will be no special fragrances in such a bath. There is also less foam and the consistency is also different.

#3: Can you make your own bath additive?

Of course you can also make the bath additive yourself. We have already written an article about this - 3 natural recipes on how you can make your own bath additive!

#4: Can the bath salts actually expire?

Well, bath salts as a bath additive can become less attractive with age. At the same time, the fragrances evaporate and the individual components can separate. However, this is all that happens over time. Bath salts are therefore unlikely to expire. But only very few people will use such old bath salts anymore.

#5: Can you still bathe with a wound?

If you have a small abrasion you can of course take a bath. Depending on how fresh the wound is, this procedure will burn quite a bit. But this is just a minor matter. Germs could easily spread in warm water. That's why it's better to be on the safe side and take a shower.

#6: Could you drown while taking a bath in the bathtub?

If you fall asleep and slowly slide down, you could drown in a bathtub. However, before this happens, the water will be incredibly cold, so you will wake up quickly. If you are also under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this is a different matter. We therefore recommend that you do not get into the bathtub when taking such substances.

#7: Can you dye your hair in the bath?

If desired, this is certainly possible. Afterwards, we recommend rinsing the tub thoroughly again. Not that the bathtub also takes on the color.

We hope we were able to answer your question with this little article. You will also find many other articles on the topic of bath additives etc. Are you currently looking for a bath additive? – Then read also: Find the right bath additive | For summer and winter! You can also browse through our shop.