Das Basenbad – Eine echte Wohltat, für Jung als auch Alt!

The alkaline bath – a real treat for young and old alike!

What is an alkaline bath? | Explanation, application and useful information

The alkaline bath has been experiencing enormous hype recently! So it's no wonder that it is becoming more and more visible to young and very health-conscious people. Among other things, it is intended to slow down the aging process. These and many other numerous areas of application are the reason why young and old alike enjoy the alkaline bath. Some people, however, only understand the topic of a swimming pool when it comes to the train station. That's why we want to shed some light on this article - what is an alkaline bath, what effect does it have and what should you take into account when using it?

What exactly is an alkaline bath and when is it used?

The experience that an alkaline bath brings with it is a very special one. The tension of everyday life subsides and you can unwind. An alkaline bath is a bath additive that gently influences the acid-bases in the human body. This causes the skin to lubricate itself and thus detoxify it. This stimulates sebum production, meaning no lotion is required after an alkaline bath; The skin is soft and supple and appears youthfully firm and fresh.

With an alkaline bath, the acidic environment of the skin is neutralized. This happens through the massage carried out during this time. The connective tissue is also revitalized and has significantly better blood circulation. Anyone can easily do an alkaline bath in their own bathtub. Alternatively, you can also take an alkaline bath as a foot bath.

The quick instructions for an effective and relaxing alkaline bath !

In order for the alkaline bath to be a complete success for mind and body, a few things should be taken into account. An effective alkaline bath takes around 2 hours, which is why no appointments or appointments should be planned during this time. You should also drink enough water during the bathing process. This helps significantly in detoxifying the body. Snacks are also allowed. When it comes to food and drinks, care should be taken to ensure that they are also alkaline.

Step 1: Before the alkaline bath

  • The alkaline bath itself should last between 60 and 90 minutes
  • For long-term success, the alkaline bath should be used regularly
  • Before you start bathing, the skin on your face and décolleté should be cleansed
  • This should be done about 1.5 hours beforehand with an alkaline face mask
  • The face as well as the décolleté are often neglected!
  • Creams, lotions or make-up are taboo about 1 hour beforehand!
  • This also applies to make-up, perfume and all sorts of other chemical products
  • Now prepare a magazine or book for the long bath time.
  • But also a drink and other bathing materials (towels, brushes, etc.)
  • Rinse the bathtub well and remove any cleaning agent residue
  • This could significantly reduce the effect of the alkaline bath!
  • Bath water that is at body temperature can now be used
  • This is followed by the alkaline bath itself (note the manufacturer's instructions)

Extra tip: For a real wellness feeling, you can also light an aroma lamp with essential oil for the alkaline bath.

Step 2: The alkaline bath can begin!

  • As much of the body surface as possible should be covered during the alkaline bath
  • It should not be submerged too often as long hair can become strawy
  • As soon as the water cools down, simply add new, warm water
  • So that the alkaline bath does not become too watered down, simply add a little
  • Shampoo, soaps and other bath additives should be avoided during this time. This prevents unexpected reactions with the alkaline bath!

Step 3: After the alkaline bath

  • After the bath, simply dab the skin lightly so that an alkaline film forms on the skin
  • This stimulates the skin further and leaves a great, alkaline climate
  • Avoid lotions, creams and shower gels in the following hour
  • Conventional personal care products could cause skin irritation
  • Leave out the bath water and remove any deposits if necessary
  • These consist largely of carbonates of the acids that have escaped
  • Now go to the toilet and take a rest period

Miracle weapon alkaline bath ? | Does such a thing actually do anything?

An alkaline bath can be a real miracle weapon when it comes to the balance of the acid-bases in the body! There are numerous reports on the topic of alkaline baths in dozens of internet forums. People there report the relaxing effect and the reduction in stress. There is also a lot to be found when it comes to beauty, i.e. softer and firmer skin. A large part of these were written after the first use! Skin imperfections were eliminated and the connective tissue was better supplied with blood. The alkaline bath also proved to be particularly effective in the fight against cellulite (orange peel). However, the long-lasting and truly impressive results only appear after a regular routine. Avoiding conventional personal care products may also play a role in this result. These can contribute greatly to the acid-base imbalance. So it's clear that the alkaline bath is definitely a miracle weapon!

Experience a spa stay in the bathroom at home with an alkaline bath !

In the vast majority of cases, the alkaline bath is used as a bath additive for skin care. However, an alkaline bath also means pure wellness and relaxation! For many people, such a bath is a soothing and unique experience. That's why for many people it's not just a matter of trying things out, but rather it develops into a fixed ritual! However, we don't want you to make any of the typical beginner mistakes. A cheaply produced alkaline bath as well as incorrect use can lead to skin irritation and thus to mistrust in this bath additive. We care that you always get the best of the best. – Are you looking for a high-quality alkaline bath to enrich your health, well-being and beauty? Then take a closer look at our alkaline bath!

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