Die passende Creme gegen Sonnenbrand und Insektenstiche

The right cream for sunburn and insect bites

Soothing and cooling cream from HELFE for summer and autumn

After a long and sunny summer day, it is not uncommon for it to end with a sunburn or insect bite and the question arises: What to do? As we all know, the sun's UV rays are responsible for sunburn. Anyone who gets too much sun and doesn't apply sunscreen will get it. The skin reacts with discomfort such as redness and swelling as well as itching. The same applies to insect bites. It is precisely the mosquitoes that cause the most bites. In this article we will look at the dangers of sunburn and how the HELFE Mitizyn cream can help against sunburn and insect bites.

Sunburn – its duration and dangers

The sunburn appears very quickly. If you sunbathe for too long, most people feel sunburned just 6 hours later. The peak of the pain and the burn itself become clear after 24 and 36 hours respectively. Depending on the “hardness” of the sunburn, blisters can also form. These arise when an enormous number of skin cells have died and their cohesion can no longer be guaranteed. The tissue fluid from the upper layer of spiny cells then accumulates and the blister is formed. After about 2 to 2.5 days, the skin will peel off. This is the first step in recovering from sunburn. From there it takes another two to three weeks until the sunburn has completely subsided and healed. A sunburn cream can help the healing process go faster.

Sunburn is not only unpleasant and unhealthy, it also doesn't look good. It also hurts a lot. Although the skin burn slowly diminishes, the skin itself has not yet forgotten this injury! The danger of sunburn is that the risk of skin cancer increases with each subsequent burn. Because not only is the skin itself damaged, but also the place where new skin is produced. This can cause damage to the DNA and thus cancer. Even better than the sunburn cream is the sunscreen itself before you go out into the sun. However, if the child has already fallen into the well, Mitizyn Cream, a sunburn cream from HELFE, can help with a quick recovery.

In addition to sunburn, insect bites are also not uncommon - what to do?

Like sunburn, an insect bite can be caught just as quickly while picnicking, swimming or sunbathing. This happens very quickly, especially in summer and sometimes in autumn, when mosquitoes, bees, wasps etc. are in high season. The typical symptoms of an insect bite are redness and/or swelling and itching. These are caused by the saliva of the insects. This contains different active ingredients depending on the insect genus. They often contain substances such as amines or kinins. These do not have a very positive effect on the blood vessels, the surrounding tissue and the muscles. A local inflammatory reaction occurs and the symptoms just mentioned occur. An insect bite cream can help relieve the pain and speed up the healing process.

A cream against sunburn and insect bites | HELP Mititsyn cream

Sunscreens and insect sprays help to avoid sunburn or insect bites. They should therefore not be missing from any travel bag. However, if you get a sunburn or insect bite despite the protective measures, our traditional multi-purpose cream can help. This is a cream for sunburn and insect bites and consists primarily of herbal ingredients. It contains camphor, menthol and many other natural oils and fats. The zinc it contains also has an excellent effect on sunburn. Emulsifiers and the like were completely avoided. Their effect is:

  • invigorating
  • cooling
  • nurturing
  • and nourishing

The numerous possible uses that our Mitizyn cream offers have been used by our customers for over 90 years. This is how it helps with:

  • sunburn
  • insect bites
  • dry skin after shaving
  • and open areas around the nose and corners of the mouth

We can only warmly recommend our cream for sunburn and insect bites. You can discover our Mititzyn cream here:

Mititsyn cream