Natürliche Hautpflege – Die beste Naturkosmetik für die Haut

Natural skin care – The best natural cosmetics for the skin

More and more people are putting their trust in natural skin care. The reason for this is that herbal ingredients care for the skin in a gentle way. The natural cosmetics themselves are often produced in a much more environmentally friendly way. In this article we would like to focus on natural skin care and show why it cares for the skin so gently. We would also like to introduce the different types of products.

Natural cosmetics are cosmetics in their purest form

If you want to care for your skin with the purest of nature, you have to use natural raw materials . These should not only have a caring effect on the skin, but should also be friendly to the environment. This is why the plants we need often come from organically grown areas. The high-quality, organic skin care is therefore approved for certification for natural cosmetics for reasons of trust and sustainability.

Natural cosmetics are only genuine and certified if they are completely WITHOUT:

  • alcohol
  • Silicones
  • Dyes
  • Parabens
  • mineral oils
  • Animal testing
  • synthetic fragrances
  • and paraffins.

Natural skin care doesn't necessarily have to cost a fortune

Cosmetics that are obtained or manufactured from natural raw materials are of course a few euros more expensive than products from discounters or drugstores' own brands. However, at the same time, it should not be forgotten that the quality is therefore also at a very high level. The ever-increasing acceptance and the ever-growing range of natural cosmetics are causing prices to shrink. This reduces the price differences so much that natural cosmetics are almost always the much better choice. Questionable additives therefore completely disappear from daily skin care.

What types of natural skin care are there?

In many health food stores and drugstores, only a few natural cosmetic products can be found on the shelves. The manufacturers of these natural cosmetics are already producing entire series for health-conscious customers. That's why you need a bit of luck when searching, and the Internet can also help. Natural skin care products can be found for every need.

Natural cosmetics for women

For female customers who invest significantly more money in their skin care, cosmetics manufacturers have complete care series in their range. Special anti-aging skin care products as well as environmentally friendly make-up and powder are available for women's hats. Skin care products in powder form, such as powder or make-up, are not pressed; their moisture is removed using a process.

Natural cosmetics for men

Of course, the natural cosmetics producers also have care products for men's skin on display. This offer ranges from creams and special anti-wrinkle care to shaving foam. Not only women, but also modern men want to have well-groomed skin. Body lotion with a slightly masculine scent is of course also available.

How do classic and natural skin care differ?

The biggest difference is probably in the production and selection of additives. Natural cosmetics do not contain any chemical additives and therefore only focus on natural raw materials. This makes the skin happy because it can carry out its function undisturbed. Of course, the natural cosmetics are also tested for their effectiveness before being sold in order to be able to meet the same standards as classic care products. However, it does not require any chemicals and is produced in a way that is healthier for people and the environment.

Can you make natural cosmetics yourself?

Before natural cosmetics went into large-scale production, many people in Germany and Europe made their own skin care products using natural raw materials. Thanks to the large selection, it is no longer necessary, but it is still possible. Higher costs must also be expected, as natural cosmetic products from drugstores and, above all, on the Internet have become significantly cheaper. Furthermore, the products from established manufacturers are usually longer lasting than homemade cosmetics, despite the absence of additives. Back then you had to make your own natural cosmetics in order to be able to use them, but today this is just a hobby.

So where should you buy natural cosmetics?

Naturally sourced skin care products are available almost everywhere. But while traditional retail offers little selection, buying online is a much better option. In addition to the significantly larger selection, the prices are also lower. You can also order exactly the product you need at a reasonable price. This applies to every skin problem, every skin type and every age.

When did you last take a bath to relax?

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