Diese Lebensmittel sorgen für eine schöne Haut von innen

These foods ensure beautiful skin from within

Skin care is not just a women's issue, but a men's issue too. After all, our largest organ wants to be cared for so that it can fulfill its function to full satisfaction. However, when caring for one's own skin, it is often forgotten that not only direct applications are useful, but that diet also influences the appearance of the skin. Care from the inside is therefore very important, as the individual food components can have a positive or negative influence on the skin. In this article we would like to show you which foods ensure beautiful skin and which have a negative effect on it.

The best food for skin care: water!

Water is essential for beautiful and healthy skin. The top product for the skin provides the necessary moisture. This means the skin always remains supple and soft. The water also contains a lot of minerals that have a positive effect on the skin. In order to satisfy the skin's needs, an adequate supply of water is necessary. This excretes around half a liter per day in the form of sweat and fumes. Significantly more water is lost through exercise. This deficit must be compensated for daily. Two to three liters are important for an adult if they do not want to become dehydrated and also want to have beautiful skin. It's worth taking a look at the label of the water bottle, as the mineral content can vary. Alternatively, teas and highly diluted fruit juices can also be used for hydration.

These vitamins for the skin should not be forgotten either

In addition to sufficient fluids, the skin also needs vitamins. Vitamin E, vitamin C and the B vitamins are necessary for beautiful skin. But the minerals should not be underestimated either. The intake of potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc should not be neglected.

  • spinach

Is rich in minerals, water and also has antioxidants.

  • milk

Has B vitamins. The vitamin A it contains supports the skin in skin cell renewal. However, consuming too much milk is not good for the skin as it stimulates sebum production.

  • fruit

Berries, citrus fruits and kiwis contain lots of vitamin C. This helps regulate the moisture content of the skin.

  • Meat and fish products

Meat and fish products also provide B vitamins and zinc.

Can vitamin preparations also be used for skin care from the inside?

Vitamins are important for the health of the entire body and therefore also for the skin. If you can't get enough vitamins from your diet, you can occasionally use vitamin supplements to compensate. Any vitamin deficiency that has arisen can be compensated for with these, but consumption of fresh food should be preferred if possible. The individual food components often complement each other excellently, whereas the vitamin pills only provide the isolated substance. If there is no other option and vitamins have to be taken in pill form, you should choose a preparation that contains several vitamins at once. This is significantly better for the skin.

Minerals are also important for skin care from the inside

The skin needs lots of minerals to function properly. This applies to the regulation of fluids and the development of skin cells. But minerals are also necessary for the elasticity of the skin. The menu should therefore contain sufficient minerals. As with vitamins, minerals can alternatively be absorbed using preparations.

Antioxidants for skin care

Vitamin E and Q10 ensure good skin protection, especially against free radicals. Free radicals also support the formation of wrinkles, which means that the vitamins mentioned above also have a cosmetic effect. Foods that contain these vitamins and minerals include vegetable oils, spinach and nuts .

Protein and fat for skin care

Our skin also requires protein and fat in order to be able to build new cells. Meat, fish and eggs are very good sources of protein. The fat balance should preferably be covered by vegetable oils .

Fiber for skin care

A healthy intestinal flora has a direct influence on the condition of the skin. To keep them healthy, fiber is necessary. Suitable foods for this include whole grain products, fruits, salad and vegetables.

How does a poor diet affect the skin?

An unhealthy diet also affects the condition of the skin. Alcohol has a bad effect on the skin. This applies equally to the liquid form and the solid form in foods. Although a small amount of skin doesn't make much of a difference, you shouldn't underestimate the amount of alcohol. The alcohol contained in beer, wine or pastries removes moisture from the skin. If you have long evenings of alcohol consumption, you should also drink a glass of water every now and then to counteract the effect

Sweets and sugar in general are also not good for the skin. This also applies to agave, which is often touted as a sugar substitute. Cigarettes should also be avoided if healthy and beautiful skin is desired. Seafood, shrimp, crab and lobster are also bad for the skin. They all contain a high proportion of iodine, which clogs skin pores. Excessive coffee consumption also has a negative effect on the skin. Generally speaking, caffeine, which is also contained in energy drinks, also removes moisture from the skin and therefore directly affects its elasticity.

Conclusion: good nutrition – good skin care!

A lot of skin care is required for beautiful skin and healthy skin. It's not just about direct care in the form of creams, but also care from within. Food has a direct impact on the skin. Adequate fluid intake in the form of water is therefore very important. A balanced and varied diet should also not be missing. The intake of vitamins, fats, minerals and fiber is important. Ideally in the form of food, vitamin pills can only be used to compensate if there is no other option.

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