Das Duschgel – Reinigung, Pflege und Erfrischung in einem

The shower gel – cleaning, care and refreshment in one

Pamper your body with a high-quality shower gel from Helfe

None of us are big fans of cheap shower gels that lose their scent after just a few minutes. Rather, it should be strong, nourishing, relaxing or invigorating and fragrant. In addition to daily cleaning, it is also intended to wash away everyday stress. In order for the shower to be a blessing for body and mind in equal measure, the right shower gel is essential. That's why in this article we would like to take another look at the topic of shower gel and its differences!

Why is the shower gel so great?

The shower gel is well known throughout the Republic and the rest of the world. It is used every day and to the great joy of us humans. After all, the shower gel is an absolutely brilliant all-round solution - especially when things have to be done quickly. A body cleanser for the entire body from head to toe. Clearly, shampoo should not be used for these purposes. Ultimately, there is a reason why there is more than just one body cleanser in the shower. However, if you think cleverly, you can cleanse and care for your body, face, hair and even your face with just one shower gel.

The shower gel is more than just a body cleanser!

One or two shower gels also have another function than that of body cleansing. Nourishing ingredients in a shower gel play their part in ensuring that the skin is also moisturized and supports the moisturizing function. Since the shower gel is also a gel, it can be easily distributed and lathered onto the skin. Furthermore, a well-chosen shower gel also gives a pleasant, relaxing or invigorating feeling. This is how your shower at home turns into a true wellness oasis after a long and tiring day at work. With a fresh shower, you can begin a cozy evening on the couch!

How to find the right shower gel? | Buy shower gel online at HELFE

Shower gels are now available to buy in drugstores, supermarkets, discount stores, health food stores and online. With the huge selection, it is difficult to filter out a suitable shower gel. That's exactly why we would like to give you our recommendation. We would like to introduce you to three different shower gels from our company, which can impress you with a wide variety of effects and ingredients. However, they all have one thing in common – they all have a beneficial and great effect on the mind and body!

Shower gel Active | Refreshment & energy after a long day!

After exercise or a long day at work, a shower is just right for the body. A shower gel that provides refreshment and energy exactly when you need it is a true dream! Especially after physical exertion, the Active shower gel is a pampering for the body as well as the mind. It has a revitalizing effect thanks to rosemary oil and hay flower extract. Nervousness, blood pressure and the general tone of the body decrease and the batteries are recharged. Thorough cleaning is carried out by almond oil and vegetable coconut oil. They pay attention to the moisture content of the skin and thus ensure gentle stimulation. With this shower gel in combination with enough sleep and good nutrition, you will be fit again for the challenges ahead!

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Shower gel Pure | Purify and tighten for a youthful complexion

Age doesn't leave anyone unscathed. Stress, nervousness and age itself ensure that the first wrinkles gradually form. However, if you make the right choice when choosing shower gel, you can take preventative measures. Refine your skin's appearance with the Pure shower gel and enjoy its beneficial effects. The horsetail extract it contains prevents skin irritations, connective tissue problems, acne and even skin diseases. It also gives the skin a youthful complexion. Thanks to the silica, the skin is also purified and cleansed and cared for deep into the pores. Wheat germ oil and jojoba oil take on this task sustainably and reliably. The plant-based coconut oil it also contains also helps cleanse the skin and prevents it from drying out. Achieve a purifying and firming effect with this shower gel for youthful skin right down to the pores!

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Shower Gel Care | Make dry and sensitive skin a thing of the past

Sensitive skin can dry out very quickly, especially in spring and winter. In addition to a greasy and nourishing lotion, the choice of shower gel is also crucial. With the Shower Gel Care you can pamper your skin with gentle cleansing. The skin is soothed and the moisturizing effect is strengthened. Thanks to St. John's wort oil, muscle pain and skin diseases are combated. The oat straw extract also plays its part here. With this shower gel you care for and revitalize your skin and, thanks to the many natural ingredients, ensure a beautiful, comfortable feeling. Last but not least, the coconut side takes care of the moisture content of the skin and protects the skin from drying out.

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what are you waiting for? – Discover our shower gel variants and pamper yourself and your body! A benevolent feeling and a gently nourishing effect await you. Would you prefer a warm bath in the tub? – Then we recommend a soothing alkaline bath for the senses as a bath additive!