Der Badebalsam – Verwöhnung des eigenen Körpers und der Seele

The bath balm – pampering your own body and soul

A alkaline bath can be the solution to a variety of problems

Who doesn't long for peace of mind, relaxation and well-being! In today's world, which is becoming ever faster due to networking and digitalization, these things are important building blocks for a fulfilling life. Taking a break with a nice warm bath can help to regenerate the mind and body and savor beautiful moments. Spa and wellness baths become a real experience with bath balm. In this article we will now look at exactly how the bath balm helps and what effects it has.

The bath balm and its triple effect

Spa and wellness spas need the right bath additives to achieve the desired effect. The bath balm helps with exactly that. It is rich in beneficial herbs and essential oils. Bath balm nourishes, cleanses and is therefore a true aromatherapy. This drastically increases well-being and joy of life. The high-quality essential oils meet the requirements of a herbal bath. The many fine herbs, which preferably come from the Alps, are rich in minerals and vitamins and thus offer the perfect cure for the body.

What properties and effects does the bath balm have?

Bath balm has great properties and unique effects. These include, among others:

  • Relaxation of limbs and muscles
  • Refreshing and invigorating the circulation and the skin
  • And also a gentle, soothing and strengthening effect for mind and body

Bath balm has a special status in skin care. The bath balm cleanses the skin and adds lots of nutrients. This reactivates and revitalizes the skin. It becomes supple, has better blood circulation, looks firmer and more youthful and has a moisturizing effect. The nourishing bath balm is also rich in essential oils and therefore relaxes the muscles and limbs. Thanks to the many extracts and oils, well-being is ultimately increased and the batteries can be recharged.

The spa treatment with bath balm in your own four walls is also the ideal way to relieve yourself mentally of stress. The performance required at work, in the family and in society can sometimes be very difficult. The bath balm also has a psychological effect. The bath with bath balm should be enjoyed within a bathing time of 15 to 20 minutes. The ideal water temperature should be between 35°C and 38°C. However, children under 3 years of age should not come into contact with bath balm. After a relaxing bath, the skin should not be rubbed off immediately, but should be left to rest for half an hour.

Our bath balm with valuable alpine herbs

So that you can experience exactly this relaxation, you will find the right bath balm in the Helfe Shop. The rosemary it contains provides a certain spice and refreshment. This nourishes the skin and cleanses it all in one. The aromatic bath balm improves blood circulation in the skin and relieves tension. Lavender is also rich in essential oils and supports the effects of rosemary. He also cares for very problematic skin and fights against blemishes. This makes it ideal for a relaxing bath with bath balm.