Die passende Hautpflege für den Frühling

The right skin care for spring

When spring begins, well-being and mood increase. The warmer season makes you forget the cold winter and gets you in the mood for summer. However, it is not uncommon for the cold to leave visible signs on the skin. It has lost a lot of moisture and is significantly more sensitive than before. In addition, there are reddened and rough areas of the face. These and many other skin problems need to be resolved in spring, when clothes slowly become shorter again. Maintaining the balance between fat and moisture when treating in spring is very important. So let's delve a little deeper into the topic and look at the best tips for beautiful and healthy skin in spring.

In spring, the skin requires different care

Our skin has different needs depending on the season. Skin care needs to adapt to this. The skin care products from winter cannot be used in spring because they contain too much fat. In the first few months of the year, people with normal or oily skin should use milder creams. These provide the skin with a lot of moisture and contain little fat. The exception is people with dry skin. Even in spring, they can use greasy creams for skin care.

Showering and bathing in spring

When washing daily, water that is too hot should be avoided on the skin, as this only causes unnecessary irritation. It is recommended to take a short warm shower or bath. A mild peeling is recommended once a week, which removes dead skin cells from the skin and keeps the pores open. ( Also read: Find the right bath additive | For summer as well as winter! )

Extra tip: Even in spring, cosmetic products should only be applied after intensive cleansing. You should therefore never start with make-up; bacteria and blockages must always be removed from the skin first.

What else should you consider when it comes to skin care in spring?

  • Ideally, all skin care products should be mild and pH neutral
  • In addition, the products should mainly be rich in moisture
  • It is beneficial if skin care products have slight UV protection
  • Aggressive sun rays contribute to skin aging
  • Last but not least, additives and fragrances in creams should be avoided
  • Of course, personal compatibility must also be taken into account

What does foot care look like in spring?

After winter is over, a pedicure can be a real treat for the senses. But such a treatment is also very good for the skin on your feet. In addition to removing the calluses, a foot cream should also be applied. This means your feet always stay beautiful and supple.

What does hand care look like in spring?

Even well-groomed hands are affected by the cold winter. Dry and cracked skin is not uncommon on this part of the body. Therefore, using a good hand cream is recommended. You should also use a mild washing lotion to wash your hands.

What does lip care look like in spring?

The cold weather has also left its mark on my lips. They therefore also require very special care. The corners of the mouth and lips are dried out and cracks can be seen. A lip cream can quickly restore beauty and stop the itching. A lip peeling is also recommended. This should be used once a week.

The treatment of orange peel (cellulite) in spring

Spring, before the bathing season opens, is a very good time to take action against cellulite. The blood circulation in the problem area should be improved. Alternating showers are recommended for this. Orange peel care products can then do their job much more effectively.

The peeling spring

As already mentioned, weekly peeling is highly recommended. Such a measure not only cleanses the skin, but also makes hard and rough areas soft and supple again. Furthermore, a peeling stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which also contributes to a beautiful appearance. Peeling should therefore become a mandatory program in spring. After such thorough cleaning, the care products can come into play. Face masks can also be used for cleaning and care. They also provide a lot of substances that are good for the skin. Sometimes a peeling, sometimes a facial mask, the skin is optimally cared for.

Drink plenty of water

One of the most important measures, not just for the skin but for the entire body, is fluid intake. Peelings, creams, masks and the like can only care for the skin from the outside. However, none of these care measures will work in the long term if there is not enough fluid in the body. That's why adults should drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day to support the skin from the inside. Alternatively, teas and highly diluted fruit juices can also be drunk.

Summary: Skin care in spring doesn't necessarily have to be elaborate

Even with the smallest of means, the skin can be made strong again after the cold winter. Moisture deficits caused by the bitter cold can be remedied with the help of creams and masks. Of course, it's also important to drink a lot of water in order to have beautiful, supple and healthy skin in the long term. Even in spring, the sun should not be underestimated. UV protection is therefore recommended in the warmer seasons. Vitamin C and E as well as zinc also contribute to healthy and firm skin.

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