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Cold during pregnancy

It is often difficult, especially during pregnancy, if you have headaches, back problems or a cold. You seek quick but gentle help because you want to protect yourself and your unborn child.

There are some things in naturopathy that can also be used during pregnancy to support faster recovery. Rest is particularly important when you have a headache.

Make a conscious effort to spend more time in nature.

Fresh air and a walk in nature are very important not only for the body, but also for the psyche. You should also make sure to drink enough fluids and avoid unnecessary stress.

Many women are plagued by back pain, especially during pregnancy, but this usually disappears after the birth. But sometimes the symptoms can last throughout the entire pregnancy. Back pain during pregnancy or in the pelvic floor between the buttocks and iliac crest is not uncommon. Gymnastics exercises, yoga for pregnant women and gentle massages can soothe heavily stressed muscles.

After consultation with a midwife or gynecologist, baths with natural extracts such as hay flower and natural spruce can relax the muscles and counteract back pain.

However, hay flower baths should be used towards the end of pregnancy as they loosen the pelvic floor and can thus stimulate birth.

Many women have already had very good experiences with hay flower baths to relieve tension, improve blood circulation in the tissue and relax the muscles. These can also help you avoid an episiotomy.

Cold during pregnancy

Nothing is more unpleasant than a bad cold during pregnancy. You would like to be back on your feet and breathe freely as quickly as possible. But most known medications cannot or should not be taken during pregnancy.

What helps anyway?

First and foremost, you should drink a lot, preferably hot drinks. On the one hand, this compensates for the loss of fluid when sweating, and on the other hand, the mucus can be liquefied better. When you drink teas, please make sure that they are also suitable during pregnancy.

Other home remedies for colds include:

Vinegar patches for fever, inhalation with saline solution or with chamomile extract . Rinsing with salt water helps against a cold. Cold baths are also a real benefit. Natural spruce and thyme have a positive effect on the respiratory tract and make it easier to breathe deeply. However, we recommend discussing this with your doctor or midwife beforehand, because every pregnancy is different and the health of the woman and child is the most important asset.

Enjoy this special time and stay healthy!