Mit diesen Hausmitteln reinigen Sie Ihre Badewanne vollständig!

With these home remedies you can completely clean your bathtub!

Why should you avoid harsh chemicals?

Bathing is beautiful, makes you beautiful and keeps you fit and healthy. But it's not just our body that needs to be cleaned regularly, but also our bathtub. How this cleaning is done varies. On the one hand, this work can be done with conventional cleaning products from the drugstore or supermarket. On the other hand, there are also numerous home remedies that can also be used to clean the bathtub. In this article we would like to show you these and explain how you should proceed. We will also explain to you why it makes sense to avoid conventional cleaning products.

It's easy, requires little work and is usually very cheap. Chemical cleaning products advertised promise clean results in no time. Accordingly, they are true miracle cures that can help with any household problem. What many people overlook is that these aggressive products contain numerous fragrances, bleaching agents and preservatives that are counterproductive to our health. In addition, conventional cleaning agents also pollute groundwater and cause a lot of plastic waste. For this reason, home remedies are often the better and more sustainable choice.

How to clean your own bathtub with natural home remedies

Limescale deposits and soap residue are probably the most common types of dirt that can be found in a bathtub. As already mentioned, these can be removed using chemical cleaning products from retail outlets. Alternatively, you can also use the following budget resources:

A sponge, vinegar & lemon

Natural home remedies that no good household should be without include vinegar essence, a sponge and citric acid. In order to be able to clean the bathtub with these, they must be diluted with water and added to the bathtub. Particularly solid and stubborn dirt can also be removed with this mixture. To do this, the vinegar-lemon mixture should work on the area for a while.

A sponge, vinegar & lemon

Sometimes yellow stains can be found in a bathtub. These can also be removed using conventional home remedies. This requires vinegar essence and salt. Mix these into a paste and then leave on the dirty area overnight. The tub is like new again!

Particularly stubborn dirt in the bathtub can of course also be removed with a homemade all-purpose cleaner. With the help of the baking soda it contains, this shouldn't be a problem.